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We founded Musilio to help our readers and students becoming whole via learning instruments, especially the piano.

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We believe that "Learning an instrument shouldn't be hard. It's a joyful journey with a little challenge."

With that belief, we lean on our 7 years in business to distill the world's music instrument learning library and make it simple and useful, which will get you the results you want with optimal effort.

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Musilio was founded by Neil Nguyen.

Hi, I'm Neil Nguyen

Currently, I live and work in Hanoi, Vietnam with my boss - a British short-haired cat named Kitkat.

I have been playing piano for 15 years and teaching for 7 years for many ages (6 to 80 years old).

I am currently working as a counselor, and teacher training at Sole Piano.

My boss - Kitkat and I (Kitkat is about 9 kg)

Neil's Story

3 years started slowly but steadfastly at the Provincial Children's Palace

I was born in Ha Giang, a poor province in Vietnam.

My father played guitar. He was the "main artist" at his university. And he wanted me to play the piano!

However, at that time, my family could neither afford to buy a piano nor invite any tutor to give me private lessons.

Not to mention my hometown didn't have a piano! If you want to learn piano, using the organ is the only option.

Then in the summer of my 4th grade (10 years old), my father sent me to study organ at the provincial children's palace. I study in a group with preschoolers and other primary school students. I had studied for 3 years, 2 months each year (6 months in total).

I was very lucky because my dad has a deep understanding of music.

He asked my teacher: “Make sure to teach Neil the fundamentals of piano!”

That's why I was the only kid in the class who was taught scales, sight-reading, practicing etudes, and classical pieces. All of this was practiced on the organ!

After 3 years of studying at the provincial children's palace, I could play the Turkish March (video below).

The video is captured on April 2, 2011, 5 years since I started learning piano

My hometown teacher said, "I have run out of words to teach Neil."

And that's when I started a new phase...

4 years alone with the organ

Since I don't go to the provincial children's palace anymore, I don't know where to find a teacher.

There was no one who is better than my previous teacher in Ha Giang.

Therefore, I learned by myself, played for myself!

I didn't know if I was practicing right or wrong!

Usually, if you do something that no one else does, you will be seen as a freak and gradually give up.

However, because I had a solid grasp of the foundation, I began to be able to play the songs I liked by myself!

That is the main motivation that helped me keep practicing even without the musical environment.

The video above was shot on June 8, 2013.
7 years since I started learning the piano.
Sakurairo Maukoro was one of my favorite songs back then.

My learning journey would probably stop at the organ until I went to Hanoi to study at university…

My first piano!

In Hanoi, I started with a job as a math tutor to cover tuition fees and necessary needs.

I was quite lucky because I made a small surplus amount every month.
Then, I accumulated enough money to buy a second-hand electric piano: Korg SP-170SP

However, since I've been playing the organ for 7 years, the patterns and habits have become ingrained in my fingers and body. So it took me over 2 years to become comfortable with the piano!

In these 2 years, there were many stories, really grateful to many people who guided me during that time.

And the video below is the Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66 by Chopin. After I got pretty comfortable with the piano:

The video above was captured on December 10, 2015.
9 years since I started learning the piano.

I finished the La Campanella Challenge after 1 year.


The video above was shot on February 10, 2020.

And play my love songs, such as Flower Dance by DJ Okawari:

Flower Dance - DJ Okawari - Neil Nguyen. January 15, 2019.

And the best?

After many predestined relationships, I co-founded Sole Piano, a large-scale center in Hanoi with 600+ active monthly students. I'm working here as a counselor and teacher trainer.

Now, I'm on a new journey with Musilio to share this insight on a larger scale:

"Learning piano shouldn't be hard. It's a joyful journey with a little challenge"

Therefore, I believe that, with 3 factors:

  • Your love for piano and a little time for it
  • The orientation on learning and practicing methods from many years of my experience
  • The enthusiastic coaches from Musilio, close and timely correct your mistakes

You absolutely can:
Master the fundamentals of piano while playing familiar melodies that you love!

Let's Connect!

I always want to talk and listen from music lovers as well as piano lovers.

Want to contact me directly?
Email: neil [at] musilio.com (Replace [at] with “@”. it's a way to avoid spammed)

I have time to read and answer every email!

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